You can see here some free android games and apps based on Fourier Art, all of them available at the Google Play Store.

Shape Evolution Game (Android)

Race against time to guess the final shape of the circle evolution!

The central blue circle is evolving smoothly into a shape which you must guess as soon as possible. Tap the correct answer before time runs out...

This is an original and fun game which is easy to learn but difficult to master because of the large number of different shapes (symbols, numbers, letters, object silhouettes, animal silhouettes, etc.) and the increasing difficulty levels, in which the number of choices increases and also new shapes are unlocked.

The game is free and ideal for kids for developing object recognition, memorization and concentration skills.

Mandala Art (Android)

Paint your abstract mandala with a unique design using math!

Circular shapes in art are known as mandalas, and have been used throughout the world for self expression, spiritual transformation, and personal growth.

Mandala Art allows you to create an unlimited number of circular shapes by using very simple and intuitive controls. It is also a painting tool that allows you to paint the abstract shapes and save them into your personal gallery. The application also allows you to select the order of symmetry of each geometrical design.

FourierArt - GIF (Android)

Free Android App to create precious circular patterns animations.

The App allows, by using very simple controls, users to create an unlimited number of geometrical patterns that change in one to others; being created very beautiful animations that can be save as GIF format.